Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner (EEM-CLP)

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Since 2016 when I started my professional EEM journey, I have given sessions to individuals of all ages from 18 months to 80 years old in the US, Canada, UK, and France.One of my primary interests lies in the intersection between healing, nature and the arts and I work very well with creative types, teachers, and military. My purpose is that of a teacher and a healer and I have embraced EEM as a co-creative listening and intuitive experience between practitioner and client that partners with scientifically based kinesthetic bio-feedback which enables each client to learn to heal themselves. I currently am certified as a Clinical Practitioner (CP), in TEEM teaching, and have served as a TA for Foundations 1 in Virginia Beach, VA, and Bell, PA, and will serve as TA for Foundations 2 for the Mid-Atlantic region in Spring 2023.