Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP)

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I worked as a massage therapist and an x-ray tech for many years. Both professions provided a strong foundation for understanding how the body works and heals. I’ve always been drawn to the wonder of nature’s rhythms. On my own journey toward greater health I found Eden Energy Medicine. Once I committed to practicing the Eden Daily Energy Routine (DER) every day I began to notice a shift in my life perspective. It was so profound I had to learn more. So here I am, a certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner! My passion is to provide a healing space that honors the current energy of each client. Together we will work to optimize and integrate the energies of your whole body, mind, and spirit. We all carry within us the ability to walk through life with greater joy, balance and in the flow of our own natural healing rhythms. As a practitioner, my hope is to help clients use the tools of Energy Medicine to realign their path in harmony and with greater vitality in their lives.