Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP)

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Kristin holds bachelor’s degrees in Life Sciences, Zoology (evolutionary biology and behaviour) and Law. She also has a master’s degree in Family Law and practiced almost exclusively as a children's lawyer for more than 14 years. She has advanced training and experience in conflict resolution, mediation, child protection, custody and access, adoption and domestic violence cases. Having witnessed the devastating toll that daily stress has on people’s health and relationships, she wanted to expand her toolbox so she could provide clients with more ways to support themselves. Kristin is an <strong>Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner</strong>, registered yoga teacher and the Director of Education and faculty member for the <strong>Energy Medicine Yoga School</strong>. She holds several other certifications including <strong>Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching</strong>, <strong>HeartMath</strong> Trainer and Coach and Reiki Level-2 practitioner. Kristin is the creator of "<i><strong>Bella - The Yoga Bat"</strong></i>, an innovative children's educational energy-based yoga program and resources (alphabet card deck, coloring book, etc.) for teachers and parents working with and/or caring for children in studios, classrooms and homes around the world.