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Janie Chandler

Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP)

Practitioner Name : Janie Chandler

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Accepting Clients : Yes

Remote Sessions : Yes

Languages : English

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Janie Chandler is a teacher, writer, public speaker, and hands-on practitioner with decades of experience in the fields of energy medicine and therapeutic massage. She is a 1987 graduate of the Boulder School of Massage, an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, and a Founding Faculty Member of The Eden Method Certification Programs. As such, she’s helped thousands of students and clients experience relief and renewed vitality in body, mind and soul, as well as develop compassionate self-responsibility. For the past several years, Janie has been a guest speaker and teacher at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York. As a Ceremony and Ritual Officiant for 25+ years she has co-created and officiated unique weddings, memorial services, and personalized ceremonies for life transitions. 

As a life-long independent spiritual practitioner and explorer, Janie integrates energy medicine with meditation, spiritual study and affirmative prayer. She has a personal fascination with earth-based spiritual ideology and traditions, ultimately crystalizing in her model of the Celtic Calendar and the rhythm of the seasonal year.

She lives in Ashland, Oregon with her husband Joseph, with their adult daughters never far away. She writes and teaches from her magic workshop, a Yome tucked into the back corner of their massive garden.


LMT (OR #4544), EEM Certification Program Faculty, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP).

Additional Details

  • Energy Medicine Now
  • [email protected]
  • Self-Healing Sessions Online. Visit my website and join my mailing list for alerts.
  • Activating Energy via Fascia, Teaching Eden Energy Medicine
  • English
  • EEM-AP
  • I certify that I have Professional Liability Insurance with Innersource listed as an Additional Insured Endorsement (AIE) on my policy. I will maintain my insurance for the duration of my referral listing on the Innersource website.


Q Do you do remote sessions?

Yes, I work with people online frequently. Sessions are relaxing, insightful, effective, and educational. I work with the client to assess their energy and then walk them through holding the postures and points that will bring their energies back into balance. I use breath, meditation and specifically designed touch to promote the benefits of energy medicine.