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Verena Vomastic, PhD

Practitioner Name : Verena Vomastic PhD

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Accepting Clients : Yes

Remote Sessions : Yes

Languages : English

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Energy Medicine has changed my life, and I am passionate about sharing what I have learned with others who want to optimize their health and well-being, claim their true power, and transform their lives. My specialty is to facilitate healing of the energetic wounds created by physical and/or emotional trauma through repairing the subtle body’s foundation, the Basic Grid. I offer on-site and virtual consultations as well as experiential workshops covering a wide range of integrative, health-promoting practices. Please visit my website for further specifics.


PhD (Mathematics), Diplom/MS (Mathematics/Physics); Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP) and Eden Method Authorized Teacher; NES Health™ Bioenergetics, Emotion Code®, Light and Sound Healing, and Shamanic Practitioner; Graduate of the Whole Health Medicine Institute; Holistic Stress Management Instructor; Hippocrates Lifestyle™ Medicine Coach; Reconnection® Facilitator; Registered Yoga Teacher; Reiki Master/Teacher.

Additional Details

  • Mountain Light Healing, LLC
  • [email protected]
  • I certify that I have Professional Liability Insurance with Innersource listed as an Additional Insured Endorsement (AIE) on my policy. I will maintain my insurance for the duration of my referral listing on the Innersource website.
  • HandsOnTrade Association
  • 2022-02-26
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