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Author: Chris Wheeler

Chris Wheeler

3601 SE 13th Ave.

Joined In Jul 2020

About Me

Your body wants to heal! I am passionate about using Eden Energy Medicine to support you on this journey! Guiding and collaborating with people as they discover energetic balance and physical and emotional wellbeing in their lives brings me great joy. Sharing this journey is an honor and a privilege. Among my gifts is the ability to understand the body’s energetic patterns and to convey that information in a way that is easily understood. This understanding leads us to the tools your unique energy system needs to achieve joy and vitality. My practice is structured around my roles as coach and health educator, as well as practitioner, using Eden Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting techniques. More information is available at www.hummingenergies.com

(503) 493-1680

3601 SE 13th Ave.

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